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Motor Speech Sound Disorders


Carrie specializes in differential diagnosis related to dysarthria and apraxia. Comprehensive assessment includes areas such as motor programming and planning, speech intelligibility, strength, range of motion, stability, and respiratory support that are required for speech.

The evaluation process allows us to identify the underlying cause in order to provide an accurate and differential diagnosis. 

Following the evaluation, we will review the results and recommendations. When therapy is recommended, we will collaborate with the family to develop a treatment plan and goals. A written report will also be provided to parents.

Individualized Therapy

Our approach to therapy is always individualized to the client to ensure the activities, tools, and methods we are using are appropriate for the client and their goals. It is our commitment to provide high-quality and evidence-based therapy.


Carrie has advanced training and/or certifications in:

  • 80 hrs in Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

  • 75 hrs in sensory-motor and feeding issues


  • 50 hours in Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs), Tethered Oral Tissue (TOTs), Airway/Breathing related disorders that negatively impact speech development

  • PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Musculature Phonetic Targets)​​

Father and Son Playing

Accepting New Referrals

We offer evaluation and therapy services in-person and online in the East Bay area, and online for clients located anywhere in the State of California. Reach out to us today to discuss your concerns, have your questions answered, and receive recommendations on the next steps. 

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