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Convenient Therapy Services

From the Comfort of Your Home

The ProAACtive SLP is proud to provide evidence-based teletherapy through the use of phones, computers, tablets, etc., effectively increasing access to specialized services to clients anywhere in California. During our online sessions, your child will receive the same standard of high-quality care through virtual technology as offered by in-person services, with the added convenience of access support from anywhere you are. 

Our online therapy services provide you with individualized support in your parent-child interactions within your child’s natural environment designed to facilitate progress toward developmental and communication goals. Every session will be thoughtfully planned for you and your child, incorporating fun and engaging therapeutic activities combined with evidence-based approaches. 


In our experience, parents report appreciating how well teletherapy fits into their daily lives, saving time by removing the drive time to/from the clinic setting. Teletherapy provides a high-quality and customized intervention that provides for a rich learning experience, much different from what is experienced with typical screen time (Youtube, movies, etc.). 


If you would like to learn more about teletherapy services for your child or have him or her evaluated for services, please call our office for a free initial consultation.

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