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Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

and Assistive Technology (AT) Services

Functional Assessments

AAC and AT evaluations may be indicated for children and adults who have limited verbal/communication skills. At ProAACtive, we engage clients in a functional assessment to understand how the client is functioning within their daily life. A functional assessment consists of:

  • Observing multimodal communication across all settings and contexts 

  • Utilizing the SETT framework to help us gather the necessary diagnostic information, identify limitations of the current technology and tools, and identify the client's needs related to the environment, and the task

  • Collaborating with the client’s family and other service providers to gather all critical information necessary for the team’s decision-making

  • Equipment trials before final recommendations are made

To procure a Speech Generating Device (SGD) through private insurance and/or other funding sources, a comprehensive, medically-based evaluation is necessary.

If you are interested in receiving AAC /AT services, please contact our office today to receive a free phone consultation.

Individualized Therapy

Whether our clients are accessing communication through low- or high-tech devices, our therapy sessions are personalized to each individual's needs and goals. Therapy focuses on support in the following areas:​

  • AAC device programming

  • Picture Exchange Communication System  (PECS) 

  • Developing functional communication for wants/needs


  • Increasing spontaneous communication


  • Language and vocabulary development 


  • Building conversational skills


  • Developing successful communication skills across settings (home, school, work, and community)


  • Coaching for communication partners including parents, siblings, extended family, nannies, respite care, etc.  

We also offer direct consultation and training for school staff, service providers, administrators, and other support professionals in the client's life. etc. The topics of our training and content are customized to the needs and goals of the group.​​

Consultations and Training

Is your team looking for a customized training on AAC or AT? Carrie Balick has decades of experience with AAC and AT. She has served as a district-wide AAC specialist and supported other professionals and colleagues in advancing their knowledge and skillset. AAC training for school staff, administrators, service providers, speech-language pathologists, and assistants, etc., is offered in-person in the Bay Area and online across the country. The goals and needs of your group will guide the content and training. Previous presentations have included:

  • Intro to AAC and AT


  • 5 Critical Communication Partner Strategies


  • Symbolic Communication Exchange Techniques for Non/Low-Verbal Children  


  • Creating a Symbolic and Language Rich Environment in the Home


  • AAC Supports in the Classroom


  • AAC assessment


  • AAC and teletherapy

Contact Carrie today to learn more about AAC and AT seminars, consultations, and training. 

Special need child on wheelchair happy t

Accepting New Referrals

We offer evaluation and therapy services in-person and online in the East Bay area, and online for clients located anywhere in the State of California. Reach out to us today to discuss your concerns, have your questions answered, and receive recommendations on the next steps. 

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